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XTC Published in October 21, 2018, 3:17 am
 English Settlement:Interdir

English Settlement:Interdir

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Mr. S. Morris
Mr. S. Morris Reply to on 17 December 2010
I used to have a tape of this (remember tapes?)way back in the C60 C90 C120 days. And it was way back then that I recorded this from a borrowed album. I guess then that this double album must have just about fitted onto a C90? Anyhow, have been getting back into some old vibes from the punk/new wave era and bought this after a spell on here looking through my fave bands from the times and bought this on CD (any members of XTC reading this - hey at least I've come clean!). And wow - isn't it weird how you forget faces and names and all manner of things but can always sing along to songs? And believe me this gem has every single track worthy of memory, honest. My personal favorite from the album is 'Knuckle Down' but every track is wonderfully crafted and very much as fresh today as then. What amazed me was also to find that many of the songs from 1982 are still very politically apt even today - for example 'Melt the Guns' (could easily refer to the Afganistan crisis and US involvement and foreign policy) and also 'Leisure' (amazin to think that Andy way back then made such amazin observations about computer games etc. Class act XTC. So I'm really pleased I bought this after so long, and it has wet my appetite to buy very many more from their back catologue. Lookin forward to it. Bring it on!
Vince Williams
Vince Williams Reply to on 15 March 2018
I took ages to buy this as the price put me off but after receiving some Amazon gift vouchers I took the plunge! I bought the original on the day of release and this was always one of my favourites.
This edition really brings the music alive and the quality packaging and info really makes the extra cost worth it.
Jimmy Reply to on 1 March 2016
What an amzing doule album which appears all but forgoten now. Apart from the singles, this extensive selection of songs includes at least 10 classics. Ive had it since it came out in 1982 and got the CD some years back, but still play it at least once a month.
Marvellous stuff
Paul Pancini
Paul Pancini Reply to on 5 August 2016
I'd forgotten how much I loved this album back on 1982 until I bought this and listened to it again. I think this is XTC at their best. Great music & lyrics that just has not aged, unlike me! Has to be one of my top 10 albums of all time. Everyone needs a bit of XTC in their life, buy it and enjoy.
GerryO Reply to on 13 March 2016
This is a great album. It is chock full of ideas, most of which come off, and a sense of daring and originality that sounds as fresh now as it did on the lovely vinyl double album that I bought back in the day.
graham maving
graham maving Reply to on 18 April 2018
excellent item, well packed, quick delivery. A+
Tony Jones
Tony Jones Reply to on 13 June 2008
Anyone buying quality music in the early 80s may well have ended up with this on vinyl. Shamefully I have only just replaced this in my collection (having long ago run out of ability to play ageing cassettes even in the car).

Yes Senses is awesome still (album version - buses may skid on black ice) and the gems of hearing ball and chain, english roundabout and the rest do not disappoint.
Donus Reply to on 17 January 2017
Great package from one of my favourite bands. Much ado about something.
BernieU Reply to on 17 July 2012
Bought this to replace mangled but much loved tape( yes, I'm that old!)and it still
sounds great. Exciting and original, if this was released today the critics would be
mad for it. XTC wipe the floor with most of the current new bands.Should be on every
music fans playlist.
Max M
Max M Reply to on 3 March 2015
Pleased to secure this on CD, to listen again and confirm what a really brilliant album this is. Such clever lyrics and snappy pop melodies.
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