Interdir Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF#100 Dry-Touch Lotion:Interdir
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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF#100 Dry-Touch Lotion:Interdir

Neutrogena Published in October 21, 2018, 4:31 am
 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF#100 Dry-Touch Lotion:Interdir

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF#100 Dry-Touch Lotion:Interdir

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Catherine Green
Catherine Green Reply to on 12 June 2018
After two operations and two skin grafts on my shoulder in January and February of this year I was very aware that I had to be extremely careful in the sun as the area was going to be very sensitive to sun and highly likely to blister and burn. I've been out and about in the recent hot weather that we've had and am delighted to say that I have had no burning or blistering whilst using this sun screen. Despite the description I expected it to be thick and gloopy and not unlike spreading treacle but it was just the opposite, light, easy to rub in and not greasy at all. Would give it 10/10 and would highly recommend it.
L. S
L. S Reply to on 16 January 2018
I have been looking for an spf100+ and I couldn't find, i am glad i found this one! it's non greasy and doesn't leave white marks on the skin. Fantastic for now. Hopefully it will do the cover needed against sun damage.
Justmyopinion Reply to on 7 July 2018
As long as this is applied properly, it works. It isn't as sticky as other creams, and smells pleasant. I like the size of the tube, as it's easy to carry, although I would have liked the lid to click open, and not unscrew.
I have severe PMLE, and this cream allows me an hour outside. I use it when I have to go out to work or when running errands. I tend not to stay out any longer than an hour, unless I have something I want to (take the risk) and make the effort for. Better to be safe than sorry!
S. Gazi
S. Gazi Reply to on 4 June 2018
With 100+ SPF I expected not to tan but came back tanned from my Greece holiday! The best thing about it is the "ultra sheer" aspect, hardly shows through as a silvery layer no matter how much you slather on, great sun cream all in all
Minikins Reply to on 10 August 2018
it doesnt really have a smell, texture was good and was like any other cream BUT i got an allergic reaction from it. After 2 hours my face is itchy, red and now I'm taking medicines to fix it! So much for sun protection! other reviewers on neutrogena website also reported bad chemical allergic reactions to their sunscreens. I suggest you don't take a chance.
A happy geek
A happy geek Reply to on 24 March 2018
Amazing, it isn't greasy at all. I have sensitive skin, and was using Simple before but even that stung my eyes and skin. This is much better. Has a matt finish.
Kjtl Reply to on 17 June 2018
This is the third tube of this that I’ve bought. I love the high SPF and it lasts all day so you get your money’s worth but it takes a while to sink in. The only real problem I have with it is the taste. I know that sounds odd (and I promise I’m not eating it!) but no matter how much of a gap I leave between the cream and my mouth it still seems to leave an odd taste in my mouth!
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Reply to on 18 March 2018
I'd put this on every 3 hours if you're at high altitude, or working hard and sweating a bit. It does the job though, and once applied it goes invisible and doesn't make you too greasy.
AT Reply to on 27 August 2018
First bought this product in New Zealand and surprised not to be able to find in shops here in UK. Fantastic product, for such a high factor goes on like moisturiser. I take medication which means I burn VERY fast in any hint of sun, previous high factors have always felt like grease paint going on and look faintly white on the face as don't really fully absorb. This product feels light, absorbs well and smells great. Also works! you don't burn. Would never go past this product now, worth every penny
jazi di
jazi di Reply to on 29 July 2018
Needing very high protection on my face after having Basel cell carcinoma I have found this cream to be very good. It has a nice dry feel after applying and you can put make-up over the top if you need to. I am on my 3rd tube of this sun protection cream.
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