Interdir Mozart Clarinet Concerto / Clarinet Quintet:Interdir
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Mozart Clarinet Concerto / Clarinet Quintet:Interdir

Jack Brymer
Jack Brymer Published in October 21, 2018, 3:17 am
 Mozart Clarinet Concerto / Clarinet Quintet:Interdir

Mozart Clarinet Concerto / Clarinet Quintet:Interdir

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Dr. Peter D. Wilson
Dr. Peter D. Wilson Reply to on 4 November 2013
These performances of Mozart's most familiar works for clarinet were of the superb standard to be expected of the performers. Jack Brymer's reverence for them was evident, his expression and tone were gorgeous throughout, and the contribution - it would be insulting to call it accompaniment - respectively by the London Symphony Orchestra and the Allegri String Quartet was sympathetic throughout without undue subservience. The recording quality was at least of the highest that my modest sound equipment could reproduce. Recommended without reservation.
Ms. S A Hunt
Ms. S A Hunt Reply to on 26 September 2017
Mozarts Clarinet quintet and concerto are my all time favourites of Mozart music. Having learnt to play the concerto at school I not only love listening to the music for its beautiful sounds but I am taken back to some interesting memories!

Beautiful music played on beautiful instruments .
Jim W
Jim W Reply to on 12 January 2018
An excellent CD!
Mrs RJM Broome
Mrs RJM Broome Reply to on 16 October 2017
Very good
Cliff M.
Cliff M. Reply to on 14 May 2015
The finest music for clarinet, performed by one of the finest clarinettists in history. Beautiful tone and musicianship
Zdenek Hanzlik
Zdenek Hanzlik Reply to on 20 October 2016
Nice and soothing
Mrs. Kathleen A. Knott
Mrs. Kathleen A. Knott Reply to on 30 December 2014
Great CD a Xmas present and I believe it was much appreciated. Good Value. Good production very pleased.
aavas Reply to on 28 August 2016
J. Edmonds
J. Edmonds Reply to on 7 February 2013
My husband adores this piece of music and has bought it for our daughter who has picked up the clarinet to play, and this piece should inspire her, very good service.
John Banfield
John Banfield Reply to on 25 November 2014
Superb music, exquisitely played which is sure to provide great pleasure to the listener.
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