Interdir H&S 155pcs Watch Repair Tool Kit Strap Link Removal Adjustment Kit Back Case Remover Opener Removal Tool Spring Pin Bar Watchmaker Tools Kit:Interdir
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H&S 155pcs Watch Repair Tool Kit Strap Link Removal Adjustment Kit Back Case Remover Opener Removal Tool Spring Pin Bar Watchmaker Tools Kit:Interdir

H&S. Published in October 21, 2018, 4:32 am
 H&S 155pcs Watch Repair Tool Kit Strap Link Removal Adjustment Kit Back Case Remover Opener Removal Tool Spring Pin Bar Watchmaker Tools Kit:Interdir

H&S 155pcs Watch Repair Tool Kit Strap Link Removal Adjustment Kit Back Case Remover Opener Removal Tool Spring Pin Bar Watchmaker Tools Kit:Interdir

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R. F. Stevens
R. F. Stevens Reply to on 15 December 2016
The H&S 155pcs watch repair kit is a reasonably well made light duty item suitable for the occasional home repair. The flimsy case and delicate tools are not robust enough to survive any great length of time in daily use by a professional watchmaker.

The plastic mouldings for the watch clamp and the strap-pin remover are poor quality and can easily be broken inadvertently, but with gentle careful use will pay for themselves within a couple of strap repairs or battery changes at home. For example, the sliding ramp in the strap repair tool should be helped up by gently squeezing against the springs, do not expect to often wind it into position with the metal set screw because of the high probability of stripping the plastic thread in the ramp.

The metal punches and screwdrivers have replaceable tips and spares, which are essential when they are so small and delicate, and again care is required for a longer life. They are also a bit short to fit in the average man's hand compared with the other sets I've used for the last few decades.

The various watch-back removal tools and the hands-puller are the main reasons I bought this kit, and the other elements are a useful completion. I have much better jeweller's non-magnetic screwdrivers and pliers and tweezers, each in various sizes and styles, that have lasted well during four decades of regular use in cameras and small electronics, but alas are much more expensive and no longer easily available or I would have supplied some references.
bjohnk Reply to on 16 August 2017
I purchased this Watch Repair Tool box which was delivered very quickly via Amazon Prime.
The box comes in two parts (Chocolate Box design not Hinged) and is much more sturdily made than I expected.
There is a colour picture instruction leaflet for the varies tools included with this kit except the two-headed hammer. I suppose if you need instructions on how to use the hammer, perhaps you shouldn’t be buying this kit, in the first place.
You get a lot of tools & stuff for £20 representing really good value for money. However, this is not a professional Watch Repair Kit. It is designed for amateurs / enthusiasts who want to save a few pennies by replacing watch batteries themselves or give the movement a Dust Blow through by removing the watch caseback.
The Eye Loupe is a nice inclusion but is a very cheap optic which causes whatever is being viewed to appear bent. That said it does allow you to see very close-up.
I have used most of the tools included with this kit successfully but it is let down by the poor-quality Screwdrivers. The locking system allows you to replace the Screwdriver bits but the design is weak. Using the Loupe, you can see scratching around the grub screw, which only goes in one side of the handle. After a few turns the slotted bit started turning under pressure and is difficult tightening the grub screw to stop this from happening.
Despite this, the kit is still really Good value for money whilst being nicely presented and having many useful watch repair tools which do work pretty well.
john ritchie
john ritchie Reply to on 10 October 2017
this is the best kit ive ever used....ive bought cheap in the past that have been nasty and next to useless....with this kit i changed a link on one watch and replaced the batteries in 3 others with no problems at all...paid for itself already....other cheap kit the tools bent...this kit comes in a really nice strong box....presentation is superb and shows that they care about there product.... this in my opinion is the only watch kit you will need...highly recomended set....
AD Reply to on 10 February 2018
over all nice set of tools.

The pin vice to remove bracelet pins is a weak point. I immediately used it to size my seiko turtle. The plastic is very hard, of the type that will crack under pressure, it did the job mind. Just not good for the long term I think so I am buying a metal one for a fiver.

The watch holder is only good for 35 mm max watches. My turtle will not fit (see photo's).

Comes in a handy box, that I intend to keep it in.

Overall good value with 2 minor items that are an issue.
ls3bvet Reply to on 30 November 2017
Pack arrived with no problem. Looks good in the box and I expected a lift off top which is what I got. Feels heavy so I expected there to be some metal in the box which was true.

The tools themselves are of medium quality and I would not expect them to be found in a professional shop but for the amateur that wants to change a watch strap to the correct length, open the back of simple watches or replace that broken spring bar then this kit will do the job but not too many times. Still I believe the saving in my time, fuel and shop costs will make this set worth while.
WestEndMan Reply to on 4 November 2017
This kit is satisfactory if you are changing batteries and adjusting/replacing straps, etc. occasionally, which is what I purchased it for and for that it is a reasonably priced kit. I am happy with the purchase in that regard
However, if you want to do more extensive watch repair work then some of the items in this kit, would I feel, be of inadequate quality (the watch pin remover, in particular, is very plastic and I don’t think it will stand the test of time. Some of the tools are however quite good, such as the pliers, so it’s a bit of a mix) and you would be better advised to purchase a more expensive higher quality set, I believe this company produce kits for this purpose too, so if that’s what you are looking for have a look at those.
Les Ardon-Bayle.
Les Ardon-Bayle. Reply to on 7 March 2018
What a brilliant box of goodies! I often go to the jewellers to get watch batteries replaced, or watch straps made smaller and the price for it being done is too high. I always wanted to find anywhere the tools that jewellers use, so I could do the job myself. Finally and happily, I now have the tool kit to do the repairs myself, at a fraction of the price, that is used in jewellers' shops .Well done to this company for supplying to Amazon such a fantastic product! Now I feel empowered to get on with the task, that previously, would have been out of my depth. This is the ONLY company that is so innovative to produce such items. I'm slowly working my way through the different tools to do the different jobs! The presentation of these items is very professional, and if you look after these tools, all presented so beautifully, they will last a life time. From a very happy customer. Thank you!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 15 August 2017
A set of good quality watch repair tools. Received a follow-up email from seller asking if all is as expected. I actually responded with disatisfaction with the hands puller tool where it was swiftly replaced with a new one.
Previously bought a £10 set which is of very poor quality. If you're looking to save a few pounds, I suggest don't bother and get this set instead which I highly recommend. As illustrated, it comes in a very nice box with all tools neatly laid out for your next project.
Rover Ham
Rover Ham Reply to on 6 June 2016
I bought this item after being disappointed and returned a cheaper one (£12.99) which seemed to be a top seller. For the price, I was extremely pleased at the quality of the tools. All neatly cushioned displayed on a nice box. The adjustable watch opener was a pleasure to use. Excellent value for money compared to other offerings.
Brian P.
Brian P. Reply to on 3 February 2018
A little bit mickey mouse and a good laugh for any jeweller with a large enough xmas cracker. However it is useable and I did change links in a couple of my watches so I cant complain. The widget for pushing the pins through the links broke after the first attempt at use so you may as well discard it. However there are better ways of getting them out with the various tools in the kit.
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