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The Vault Box Set:Interdir

Eden Summers
Eden Summers Published in October 21, 2018, 4:01 am
 The Vault Box Set:Interdir

The Vault Box Set:Interdir


Sarah Pattison
Sarah Pattison Reply to on 11 April 2018
If you enjoyed reckless beat you will love these 3 books. Eden has a great ability to develop the characters that makes the reader invest in what happens to them as all 3 books progress. Will be reading more of her books.
lianne7382 Reply to on 12 February 2018
A really enjoyable read. All 3 books were intense and steamy in their own way. 3 best friends all with their own issues to deal with. Each with a leading lady to lead them insane with lust love and steamy sex sessions. What happens in the volt stays in the volt!
Complex71 Reply to on 10 November 2017
This boxset was amazing! Set in a workplace where fantasies are made!! Sexy as hell characters, sending you through an array of emotions, as each one tells their story.
Tears, happiness, frustration and thigh clenching HOT moments are what you will experience on this rollercoaster ride! You will never want to get off!!!
Helen Alderson
Helen Alderson Reply to on 7 July 2018
I found all three stories riveting thank you for a story that kept my interest I look forward to many more
Lauren Reply to on 24 September 2017
I absolutely loved this series. This is an addictive box set packed full of drama, angst and all the good stuff! I highly recommend!!
Readsalot Reply to on 22 September 2017
Be prepared for some sleepless nights!
M. Berens
M. Berens Reply to on 23 September 2017
A Shot of Sin: A Shot of Sin is a workplace romance, but this isn't just any workplace! It's a restaurant (Taste of Sin), a bar (Shot of Sin), and a sex club (Vault of Sin). The plot is steady and unique. The characters are well developed, believable, and at times, very frustrating. Leo and Shay drove me so crazy sometimes that I wanted to shake them! Leo is part owner of A Shot of Sin, along with his friends TJ and Brute. Shay is probably their best bartender, with a sassy mouth and sometimes a hot temper. Leo and Shay got a little carried away in a storeroom one day, and now it's affecting their jobs. Leo doesn't think a permanent relationship will work with anyone because of the Vault.Will Shay prove him wrong? Can they continue working together?

Union of Sin: In a sense, Union of Sin is a second chance romance, but to label it so simplistically just wouldn't do the book justice. There aren't sufficient words to describe Union of Sin except to say that it really blew me away! From the first pages, I was spellbound. The plot held my interest all the way to the end, so I was up reading until 4:00 am!. It was riveting and filled with angst. The characters were complex, believable, and well developed. TJ is part owner of the Vault of Sin, along with his friends Leo and Brute. Cassie is his wife and silent partner in the Vault of Sin, in addition to working at a hotel. TJ and Cassie are in the midst of a divorce, and TJ won't even tell Cassie why. He admits that he still loves her and that there will never be another to take her place. She still loves him. So why are they getting divorced?!? (Seriously, TJ drove me insane most of the book, and I cried for Cassie more than once!)

Brutal Sin: What a fabulous ending to the Vault series! This book had so much angst and sexual tension; I couldn't put the book down without knowing how it would end! Bryan is nicknamed Brute for good reason; it suits both his persona and his demeanor. He was really maddening sometimes with his arrogance and attitude of indifference! That being said, he really was a great guy deep down, with a lot of loyalty to his friends. I feel like I would have liked more glimpses into Brute's family dynamics and childhood. Pamela, whom he nicknamed Ella, was struggling to find satisfaction. While I didn't dislike her and certainly felt great empathy for her at times, I would have liked to see her be a little bit stronger in standing up for herself and what she wanted, maybe more like Cassie from book two. The intimate scenes were well written and hot; it was undeniable that Brute and Ella had chemistry to spare. I cried more than once during the book, something that I really appreciate in a book.
Mary Jo Toth
Mary Jo Toth Reply to on 22 September 2017
Fabulous collection of romances around 3 best friends and the secretive sex club they built, The Vault. Add in a set of strong, sexy women and this is the perfect formula for wonderfully erotic escapism.

Shot of Sin: Fabulously sexy and drama filled. I totally got sucked into Shay and Leo’s drama. Shay is strong willed and stubborn and from the moment she met Leo, one of her bosses, she was sunk. He is the perfect foil to her crazy attitude but after one brief encounter, he has kept his distance frustrating Shay. When Shay needs to work in the Vault, Leo is upset. See, Leo has secrets he is afraid to reveal to Shay. As Leo’s private world collides with the woman he struggles to stay away from, well, can happiness be found? Really enjoyed the friendship Leo, T.J. and Brute share as the owners of their “sin” business. They truly balance each other. I’m excited to experience T.J. and Brute’s stories to see if they can ever find what they are looking for in love.

Union of Sin: Another fabulous installment in the world of Sin. This time we get to peel back T.J. layers and find out about the pain he is hiding. He has this strong, sexy and totally intense vibe but yet, he also is always showing his strong protector side. He has filed for divorce from the woman he loves which doesn’t make sense until we get to see all the hidden secrets he carries. Cassie is a strong woman and is struggling with losing the man she loves. She is so confused by why he is pushing her away. I love how she works to save her marriage. Will T.J. finally see the light? I voluntarily read an ARC of this book this is my honest review.

Brutal Sin: Finally, we get to peel back the layers to Bryan, aka Brute, and find out why he’s so harsh to everyone while giving incredible orgasms. Shay enlists Brute’s help one evening at The Vault with Pamela, one of the members is ready to give up. None of the men seem to know what she needs. Brute provides what he does best and gives Pamela an amazing orgasm. What Brute doesn’t expect is to have Pamela get under his skin. He can’t stop thinking about her which he fights with every fiber of his body while something in his personal life crashes down on him. I am so glad that we found Brute’s gooey center, Pamela is the perfect balance for him. At the same time, Pamela is moving on from a loveless marriage and is able to find that spark with Brute. Their battle of wills allows us to interact with the entire crew from The Vault to experience how their relationships have grown while supporting their friend. Of course, we also get all the intense and sexy encounters with Brute and Pamela.
Cheryl Sanders
Cheryl Sanders Reply to on 23 September 2017
A SHOT OF SIN - This is book 1 in The Vault series and it features part owner Leo Petrova and bartender Shay Porter. The chemistry between these two is EXPLOSIVE! The angst was almost physical. I was immediately invested in their push and pull relationship. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see who is going to be the one to change.

UNION OF SIN - This is book 2 in The Vault series and it features TJ and Cassie. If ever there were two people meant to be together it is these two. Talk about chemistry! Cassie was so emotionally wrecked over what he was doing that her emotions just bled out of my e-reader. I could feel her emotions and my heart hurt for her. His reasons for divorcing Cassie were completely ridiculous to everyone but himself. Guilt does CRAZY things to people! Maybe it wouldn't have gotten so bad if he'd only trusted and talked the whole thing out with his two best friends. The guys' relationship is not emotionally sappy but kind of macho sappy, with all the grunts, back slaps and shoulder squeezes. A beautiful and deeply emotional story.

BRUTAL SIN - This is book 3 in The Vault series and it features Bryan "Brute" and Pamela "Ella". I knew Bryan had issues but who knew? Sexy in that total unrestrained confident way, Bryan didn't know what hit him and wasn't happy about it...AT ALL! The type of marriage to Lucas was a COMPLETE SHOCK!!! That might have been the tipping point for Bryan. These two had intense, emotionally gripping chemistry.

Amazing series with fan-freaking-tastic characters! I highly recommend this unforgettable 5-Star series.
stephanie 123
stephanie 123 Reply to on 21 October 2017
This box set covers the three very different lives of the owners of the vault, Leo, TJ and Brute and the women that transform their lives all in very different ways. Leo and Shay start the series with Shay working at the vault before long she is asked to work in the secret part of the club and Leo's attraction to Shay is made obvious along with his sexual needs. The next book is TJ and Cassie who are married already but are estranged over a situation that TJ felt was out of his control and the story unfolds of the heartbreak that Cassie feels when TJ serves her with divorce papers and her fight to save their marriage. The third and final book in the series is Brute and Ella that really is a heartbreaking and wonderful sexy read. With Brute being raised by parents that showed no love makes it impossible for him to have long lasting connections with women until Ella comes along. All three books are very good thought provoking reads along with lots of sexy that keeps your attention throughout the series. This a fantastic five star worthy read.
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