Interdir UML1000 Male Urinal Bottle, Secure Cap, Measuring Scale, Easy Grip Handle 1000ml:Interdir
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UML1000 Male Urinal Bottle, Secure Cap, Measuring Scale, Easy Grip Handle 1000ml:Interdir

Cherry Published in October 21, 2018, 3:42 am
 UML1000 Male Urinal Bottle, Secure Cap, Measuring Scale, Easy Grip Handle 1000ml:Interdir

UML1000 Male Urinal Bottle, Secure Cap, Measuring Scale, Easy Grip Handle 1000ml:Interdir

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Dottore Reply to on 29 June 2017
Excellent price for a necessary piece of kit. If you commute by car and like me, the car park where you park has no toilets, you may get caught short, if the traffic has been particularly bad and you've been consuming copious amounts of water! I bought this and have used it on several long commutes to London and as I park on a high parking level where there are hardly any cars, I can discretely use this IN my car. The cap on my bottle has been extremely secure and has retained the contents and the odour until I returned home that evening and cleaned it out. The neck is a very tight fit.....kidding! It's much better than trying to point your urethra in the confines of a standard drinks bottle, which made up my mind to splash nearly £5 on this, rather than splashing urine on my suit and car!

At the price, considering, albeit slightly fancier bottles were selling at £17 in my local pharmacy, it's a bargain and a trouser saver, if not a lifesaver. The lid is a tight press fit and keeps the contents well and truly sealed in. This is an essential piece of kit if you have male children, and I'm currently looking at adaptations to allow my wife, who always needs the loo, even after going before we leave, to use this. Always remember to use alcohol gel to clean your hands thoroughly after use.
Rob Reply to on 5 November 2016
Being disabled [one leg amputated] I already had one of these by my bed.
Bought another to keep in the car as finding a suitable toilet, if caught short, can be very difficult on one leg!
With all the motorway holdups and delays, I think everyone should have one of these in the car, they also do female ones.
A little bit of embarrassment might be better than a lot of distress?
ADE Reply to on 18 March 2017
purchased these after major surgery and getting to and using the toilet was a issue these are well made so no worries about leakage the shape is perfect for leaving on shelves/toilets so easy to get to in an emergency and the handle size is perfect and if out and about not too large so can be slipped into carrier bags or similar so you are always ready should nature decide its time to go
Colin. Reply to on 21 December 2017
Very pleased with this item. I have just had a hip-replacement and I am on crutches. My bed is a water-bed and it takes me quite a bit of effort to get up out of bed, without stressing the new hip.
With this bottle, I can pass water in bed, and go the the bathroom when I want to .

The bottle is a good shape, stable and easy to use. ! find the squarinsh cross-section better and more practical than the historical rounded bottles. The cap seals well. I have been using this for several nights now - no accidents or spills in the bed. I find it will easily take 3 bladder-fulls with absolutely no danger of becoming too full.

Update: 15 Jan 2018. I have been using this now for a few weeks, and rinsing it out with warm water each morning. No residual smell in the plastic - I am very happy with it.
ep1c Reply to on 21 September 2017
Purchased for an elderly person for night use. The bottle is thin and of cheap quality - almost like a use once or twice and dispose off type material. The material is of cheap plastic quality so you couldn't really travel with it as it would get squashed in the suitcase. Closest description of the material is if you bought a 2 pint milk which you can rinse out once finished and squash it for recycling.

If you're need something delivered quickly and for use for a short while, it's an OK product. However, if you're planning to use this long term it would be best to get a sturdier model.
StephenCWLL Reply to on 4 July 2016
What can one say? It does the job. The cap itself is quite secure and requires a little extra effort but that's more than acceptable. I've had another like this and the cap will get looser as time goes on. Compared to other urinal bottles, perhaps the handle and actual body aren't super thick but unless you're going to be throwing it out the window and stamping on it, this bottle will suffice easily for general use.
Marmite king
Marmite king Reply to on 30 August 2018
Not my first purchase of this sort of thing. My first point would be ALWAYS test with water when it first arrives. The one I received has a leaky top so I only gave it 4 stars. It leeks about one drip per second. It improved a little when I used abrasive paper to smooth out the weld (it is two halves joined together). The top does not require much force to open it so I am a little concerned it might pop off at an inopportune moment. One review said it is made of flimsy plastic which doesn't seem correct to me. I gave it a hard squeeze and the sides only moved 3 or 4 mm. I couldn't be sure it would survive in a suitcase in a plane but I have had a totally unrelated rigid plastic item crack in those circumstances so there is no perfect solution to the problem. Another issue (sorry to be so negative) is that car use depends on the car. It isn't easy in a small car. I used to have a big VW. The seats were wide and high and it was easy to manoeuvre the bottle in place and get a comfortable angle. The car I have now is smaller and the seats are much lower which means that if the zip on your trousers is small or average your only hope is to stop, open the front door and back door for privacy and do it with your feet on the ground.
I like this bottle. I have been honest about it's issues but it gets the job done. It is big, it sits upright well (will need wedging in a car) and then leeking is no problem. I have read reviews for other bottles and leeking seems to be a problem for all of them.
Uribag dosn't leek. I have had 3. It isn't a bottle, it's a bag with a plastic neck. The laytex bag pushes up into the neck while not being used so it's very small. It has plenty of capacity for single use and I have used it for double use on occasions but if you do that you need to keep a close eye on the proceedings. It is much more expensive.
No matter what the reviews say about bottles and their short falls they are all a hundred times better than the alternative of wet car seats, wet trousers and they are even better than being hooted at by cars as you pee up somebody's garden wall.
JanFran Reply to on 17 December 2017
My hubby has had a hip replacement and this bottle is ideal. He has no need to keep struggling with the stairs to get to the toilet. The bottle is well made with the handle for ease of use. The top fits snuggly to stop leaks. Will lie flat or stand up without tipping up when contents are in it. So glad I bought it.
Silver Lining
Silver Lining Reply to on 14 June 2017
Very useful device. I drive coaches and it comes as a surprise to some that even coach drivers have to pee occasionally. It is not though always easy to find somewhere so I carry one of these in my bag and use it at times of being parked-up.

However, I must agree that if the bottle is not placed in the bag upright the cap can leak, I've had to buy a new bag because of this, so I can only give it four stars. But it was my fault it wasn't in the bag properly.
Mr Osman
Mr Osman Reply to on 16 August 2017
If you're seeking a leak proof Urinal Bottle this product is NOT the one for you. The description is misleading as it suggests the product "Prevents leaks & Spills". However If the bottle is held mouth down accidentally, or laid on it's side with plenty urine inside it will LEAK! Also for this reason it is definitely not "ideal" for travel use as suggested. All said - If you're after a cheap temporary solution for home use then this product will do - Just keep it upright!
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